Welcome to My New Home – let’s catch up!

Welcome to my new website.  It’s been a work in progress since January.  First, finding just the right web designer who has the ability to work with an artist and actually understand what we want, not an easy task.   As you know, we artists tend to be a little finicky, we don’t want just blue, we want Phthalo Blue to the red shade.  Fortunately I found an artist who also doubles as a web designer, a perfect fit.  Thank you Leanne.  My next step was to begin the design process, but that was not to be.  For those of you who don’t know me on Facebook I will catch you up.  We, my husband and I, lost two precious members of our fur family last spring, both to cancer.  Our sweet girls Dixie and Savannah.

Dixie and Savannah

Dixie and Savannah

It was a long painful winter into spring for all of us.  We lost Dixie in March and then said goodbye to Savannah 8 weeks later.  Poor Charlie, the 3rd member of our pack, was left alone to care for his humans.   A few days after we kissed our sweet Savannah goodbye my husband showed up with a furry little bundle of energy.   Her name is Lucy, because every Charlie should have a Lucy.  I’m not sure Charlie agrees with us. This little whirlwind we brought into his life keeps him on his toes with her growls, barks and non-stop chewing.  She thinks he is the best toy ever!  For me, she is a delight to have around and a wonderful distraction when I find myself feeling melancholy.




Once I got through potty training, sleepless nights of puppy yips and returned from family vacations I was able to focus on building my new website.  It’s been a long time coming and I hope you like it.  


Nuts About Candy Corn

Silver Corn "Silver Corn" -- Watermedia on paper

“Silver Corn”

This is a new piece I finished in July titled “Silver Corn”.  It is fluid acrylic and transparent watercolor on Arches 140 lb paper measuring approximately 10 x 20″.  Inspiration came to me when cleaning my mother’s sliver nut spoons in preparation for Thanksgiving several years ago.  I happened to have some candy corn … well, truth be told, there is always candy corn in my house in the fall.  I thought the color and texture would be a great contrast to the silver along with the reflective value of the candy corn.  Hmmm, I think I’m hungry now….

Landis Woods Art Show

Don’t miss the Landis Woods Art Show on Saturday September 28, 2013 in Neffsville, PA.  I will be there with many other great artists, it is always a fun a day in the woods.  Come join us and enjoy a day of art, music and food.  Look for Artist posts and updates on Facebook – Landis Woods Outdoor Fine Art Show 

Landis Woods 1

Landis Woods