Jelly Beans – More WIP

Hey, back with some more jelly beans under construction.  Time for some background work.

I began by covering the jelly beans and dish with Press’n Seal plastic wrap and sealing the edge with masking fluid.  This can be a little tricky as the paint can sometimes leak under the wrap.


I traced the painted area on the plastic wrap with a Sharpie pen, then cut the plastic wrap and fit it over the painting.   Using masking fluid I sealed the edges of the plastic wrap.  You can also use masking tape (cut the plastic a bit smaller to allow room for the tape) and then cover the remaining exposed painted area with masking fluid.  BE CAREFUL TO COMPLETELY COVER THE EDGES OF THE PLASTIC WRAP.


Next I put down a wash of Quinacridone Burnt Orange followed by several washes of Violet Oxide.  After a few washes I realized I had a leak under my plastic wrap and needed to remove it.  Apparently I did not follow my own instructions, Murry tried to warn me….


I decided I needed a little more red on top of the Violet Oxide so I put down a wash of English Red Oxide to bring out the color of the table.


With the base colors established I then began to work on how to create the wood grain in the table.  I tried using plastic wrap, newspaper and paper towels to imitate the wood grain with no success.


 So what do you do when you do not have the answer?  Google it.  After doing some research I came up with a solution.  I had some foam craft brushes on hand so I snipped out chunks at the end to make an uneven pattern.




I put a few more glazes of Violet Oxide and English Red Oxide on to soften the dark pattern.


Then I removed the remaining mask. Using a mixture of Sap Green and Dioxizine Purple I painted the shadow of the dish and put wash over the table area to darken it.  A Sapphire Blue wash was used for the highlight to the left of the dish.



From here I will return to the silver nut bowl, finish the spoon and bowl, refine the jelly beans and continue to darken the table and blend the highlight into the background.

See you in class!