D – O – N – E


25″ x 20″

Fluid Acrylic on Arches Watercolor paper

A year in the making and I can now call it “done”!  Actually, it was 2 years in the making if you start counting when I took the photos….. but who’s counting.  It was a long tedious project, not one you can work on continuously.  However, there were lots of fuzzy butts painted in between to break the dizzying swirl of colors.  I’m sure I will find something to tweak here or there but for now we’ll call it  D – O – N – E !


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  1. 1

    It is GORGEOUS!

  2. 2

    Well worth the wait! Looks amazing.

  3. 3

    What a beautiful piece…Love all the vibrant colors!!

  4. 4
    bitsy says:

    Thank you Debby!

  5. 5
    bitsy says:

    Thank you!

  6. 6
    bitsy says:

    Thank you Ellie 🙂