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polo ponies in progress

It’s been a busy summer with art shows, craft fairs, family trips and little time to paint.  But I’m am back at the easel – at least for a short time before the next groups of fairs and shows begin at the end of August.  This is a 29 x 21 full sheet fluid acrylic I started last week.  I’m very excited about this one!  I haven’t painted a horse in a VERY long time, we won’t say how long.  Let’s just say the last time was when I was in elementary school.  Horses were the ONLY thing I drew in those days.  This will be  a little trip down memory lane for me.  I had been waiting to find just the right image for my next painting and my daughter very generously granted me permission to use this.  We both attended a polo match at a winery in Charlottesville, VA over Memorial Day.  We took oodles of pictures of all the action and she caught this great shot of the players shaking hands after the game.  Made us both think of all the soccer games we attended when her brother played in high school.  We  would watch them line up and walk past each other saying “Good game, good game, good game ….”.   Could be a title in there somewhere 😉


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    Ruca Cao says:

    Looking forward to seeing this progress. Good to see you back in action.

  2. 2
    bitsy says:

    Thank you Ruca!